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Have an effective exercise plan and track the progress of the body’s change with the Inbody Test

· More than 40 result outputs are given through an easy and fast InBody Test.

· The InBody results are used as the first screening tool for indicators of

  potential diseases and poor health.

· Segmental Muscle Analysis allows for a more focused exercise plan.

· Body Water Analysis can be an indicator of a poor physical status.

The InBody570,

Your One and Only Smart Healthcare Solution

Just step on and let the InBody570 do the rest

inbody570 6 .1

Fast and easy test

User friendly interface with voice guidance lets

you easily take the InBody Test and collect results.

inbody570 6.2

Two different test modes: Self Mode and Professional Mode

Two different modes satisfy both the user and the

consultant. The user can easily take the test with the

Self Mode, by only inputting their own height.

When the Professional Mode is on, a more detailed

consultation information is provided on the screen.

inbody570 6.3

The InBody Results Sheet with more than 40 outputs

Various body composition outputs are provided on the

single-paged InBody Results Sheet. Provide individualized

consultation by customizing outputs on the InBody

Results Sheet and track progress with the Body

Composition History graph. The personalized

InBody Results Sheet will give enough motivation to exercise!

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Other Specifications

Applied Rating Current                       400µA(± 40µA)

Adapter                                            Manufacture              JMW140KA1240F02

Power Input                                      AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A

Power Output                                    DC 12V, 3.4A

Display Type                                     800×480 7inch Color TFT LCD

Internal Interface                              Touchscreen, Keypad

External Interface                              RS-232C 4EA, USB HOST 2EA, USB SLAVE 1EA, LAN(10T) 1EA, Bluetooth 1EA, Wi-Fi 1EA

Compatible Printer                             Laser/Inkjet Printers (Printers recommended by BIOSPACE) 

Dimension                                         522(W)× 893(L)× 1113(H): mm  

                                                                            20.55(W)× 35.16(L)× 43.82(H):inch  

Equipment Weight                             24kg (52.9lbs)

Testing Time                                     About 50 seconds

Operation Environment                     10 ~ 40°c(50 ~ 104°c), 30 ~ 75% RH, 70 ~ 106kPa

Storage Environment                        -20 ~ 70°c(-4 ~ 158°c), 10 ~ 95% RH, 50 ~ 106kPa(No Condensation)

Testing Weight Range                       10 ~ 250kg (22.0 ~ 551.1lbs)

Testing Age Range                            3 ~ 99 years

Height Range                                    95 ~ 220cm (3ft. 1.40in. ~ 7ft. 2.61in.)

*Specifications may change without prior notice.
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