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INBODY the product of great technology expericnce its speciality

InBody is chosen by experts

InBody has been praised by the world medical professionals with its power to analyze and its clinical reliability.

Biospace has been concentrating its effort on making a superb body composition analyzer. An accurate

diagnosis is the basis for an


InBody technology is unparalleled

InBody  technology is patented as seed technology in advanced countries across the world including the US,

Japan and European nations. Using 8-point tactile electrode method, InBody measures body by segment,

and it has body composition analysis technology that does not resort to empirical estimates like gender or age.

These are InBody unique technologies that

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InBody is the creation of essence of sophisticated technology

As a high-tech device, InBody pushes the limit of frequency that determines the performance of body

composition analyzer.InBody, a super-precision body composition analyzer, measures resistance in

broadband frequencies of 1kHz-1MHz and reactance in mean frequencies.

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The best customer service

Equipped with wide experience of clinical experiments and database of over 20,000 persons, Clinical Research

Team has been providing the best service in areas of Q&A about body composition analysis, its clinical

application,provision of obesity-related information, research support and the latest research trend.


*Biospace has been striving to improve human health; it has explored new realms of body

composition analysis, leading the health care market with the top quality body composition

analyzers that have set the standard for diagnosis of obesity and health care. Biospace focuses

on product development and clinical research with an effort to venture into the field of electronic

medical devices.

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