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     Over the course of the years many aesthetic treatments have found large market for the removal of unwanted hair,

for example shavers, waxing, hair removal creams, or the utilization of specific devices such as the electronic hair remover

by tweezers or needles, or more recently the electronic hair removal systems with the emission of short repetitive pulses.

The efficiency of some of these methods is very valid, instead of other is very limited. The “most valid methods” as the

coagulation of the bulb through an energy flash discharged on the latter by a needle allows the coagulation of the hair bulb,

but they have the disadvantage of the limit of slowness and the risk of the production of microscars.

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In summation the advantages NOVAMAX II are:

• Stunts progressively the re-growth of the hair with reduced number of sittings

• It is much quicker with respect to flash hair removal via needle and pulsed light

• It is very suitable to treatments of large areas

• It is precise

• It is not invasive

• It may treat contemporaneously a big quantity of hairs being able to cover,

at each discharge, areas up to 8,25 cm2

• There is no risk of contagion

• It is very tolerable

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Model:                                  Novamax2

Source:                                Intense Pulsed Light

Serial No.:                            TH2011B3004NOVA2MI

Mfg. date:                             JANUARY 2011

Wave Length:                       430,480,560,

                                            640and690 nm.

Frequency:                           0.5,1,2,3 Hz.

Maximum Fluence:                50J/cm.

Pulse Duration:                     1.0-90 ms.

Pulse Delay:                         1.5-90 ms.

Electrical Requirement:         200-230V AC.

                                             12A, 50/60Hz.

Fuses:                                   2A/250V.

Spot Size:                              7.5 cm.

LCD:                                      Touch Screen

Controled Switch:                   Finger Switch

No. of Pulse:                          Max 6 PulsesSpecification