Janus III


Hi-Quality Diagnosis Program System

Facial Analysis System

This device capture customer’s face with 3 kinds of light source normal light, polarized light and UV light. With this captured image, you can easily check out analysis result with image, graph and value by the major skin analysis items


High Resolution

High Resolution

- Add High Resolution DSLR Camera
Moisture Checker

Moisture Checker

check moisture on the 3 point

Before & After Comparison

Before & After Comparison

Before & after treatment Measured Data Comparison is useful to check the effects of treatment.
transfer your analysis results to mobile

transfer your analysis results to mobile

Let’s look at the total result page again. scan the generated QR code and you can download your skin analysis results to your mobile phone through the mobile app.
  • introduction
  • Principle data
  • Specification


JANUS III advantages

  • 3 different light source allow precise diagnisis 
  • with Brightness reference panel that minimize the left and right flash brightness difference , reproducibility ans credibillity of data increases.
  • compact design without unnecessary cables, installation could be done easily even with small space.
  • Sensual appearance with white pearl gloss coating brings out classy image (Displaying effect)
  • Responsible A/S - Quick long distance support is available to solve problem anywhere in the world with network service.


Analysis Result – 3D Image View

uses a flash as a light source and has a pair of normal light, polarized light, and ultraviolet light

N : Image of Normal Light (Pore & Wrinkle, Skin Tone Analysis)

P :::Image of Polarization Light (Spot or Pigmentation Analysis)

U : Image of Ultraviolet Light (Spot and Sebum Analysis)

M : Manipulated Image for easy observation

B : Black & White Image N+M : Image of Normal Light with Manipulated Image

N+B : Image of Normal Light with Black & White Image


1. Digital Camera : 2,420 Pixels DSLR Camera
2. Light Source : Flash Lamp
3. PC Interface : USB Cable
4. Input Power : AC100V ~ AC220V

Global No1.

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